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Basic electronics

  • 3Days
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1 What is ROBOT ,ROBOTICS,APPLICATIONS, ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES. 2 Concept of Electricity, Resistor and its color coding 3 Semiconductors and Led(GLOWING OF LED & TYPES OF CONNECTIONS) 4 Introduction to Switches(CONTROLLING LEDS WITH SWITCHES) 5 Introduction about Capacitors.(TESTING CAPACITOR WITH LED AND BATTERY) 6 Introduction to LDR Sensor(Glowing Led using LDR) 7 Introduction to the concepts of DC Motors(WORKING AND DIRECTION OF ROTATION) 8 Introduction to RGB LED(INTENSTY OF LIGHT) 9 Glowing RGB Led using Push buttons 10 Introduction to Potentiometer(CONTROLLING LED BRIGHTNESS & MOTOR SPEED WITH POTENTIOMETER)





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